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Ipad time

6 Jan

In 6KW we have been super lucky to experience using the amazing ipad and ipad2 in class.  Here are some of the apps we have been using in our class.

Which apps do you feel has helped your learning and why? Comment below.


Which apps have you found have helped your learning and why

ICT in year 6

15 Dec

This term we have been using an Ipad in the classroom, this has been great to use as there are so many fun apps.

We like using Nintendo DS’s to practise our Brain Training.

We also enjoy working on the computers and macs in school.  Recent ICT projects have been Imovie, WIX websites (these will be uploaded soon), Tag Galaxy and Wallwisher.  The children also create work on Googledocs this allows them to share their work with other children and teachers and can be used at home and at school. 

Class challenge: why not comment about how ICT helps you to learn, plus your favourite activities so far and why.