Miss Wild is now married!

10 Aug

Hello all, as promised here are a few photographs from my wedding day two weeks ago.  It was absolutely perfect and we have just got back from New York and our cruise on the Queen Mary 2.

Hope you are all having a fabulous summer holiday.  I am missing you lots already but I am looking forward to hearing from you all soon, as your new adventures at secondary school start.

Please keep in touch on the new blog, I have some work to do on it over the summer.

Lots of love

Mrs Starling (Miss Wild) xxx

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‘Reach for the sky’ videos

18 Jul

Watch this years leavers production: “Reach for the sky!”  The children and teachers have all worked super hard, we hope you enjoy!

Finding the area of compound shapes

29 Jun

Click on the picture above to top up your skills about finding the area and perimeter of compound shapes. 

Secondary School Logos

21 Jun

Click on the link below, you know what to do. 

school flags

Indus Valley and Ladakh

18 Jun

Click on the websites below to find out more information about Ladakh and the Indus Valley.  


Year 6 year book

14 Jun

Below are some ideas for what you can include in your year book blurb.  Remember to add lots of detail. 

1.     Name.

2.     Which class are you currently in. 

3.     How long have you been at Robin Hood. 

4.     Favorite subject. 

5.     Favorite teacher and why. 

6.     Favorite friends. 

7.     Habits. 

8.     Personality (happy, grumpy, lazy…)

9.     Personal traits (what are you good/bad at?)

10.  Clubs you have taken part in. 

11.   Any good trips you have been on. 

12.   Embarrassing moments. 

13.   Likes and dislikes.

14.   Have you played any musical instruments. 

15.   Highlight of your time at Robin Hood Primary School. 


Dining Jubilee-style!

31 May



Happy jubilee!

31 May


Missing you all…

2 May

Hi to my lovely class 6KW.

I am missing you all very much, hope you are working hard and being good! I had my operation on Friday and all went well, I had the key hole surgery so will be back with you all after your SAT’s. Please keep me posted on the blog with what you are all learning as I am getting very bored recovering in bed so the iPad is keeping me company.

I wish you all the very best in your SAT’s and will try and get in touch with you before them, but don’t worry you will do great and I am proud of every single one of you as you have all worked your socks of so far this year.

Keep up the hard work and remember to make yourselves proud and just try your best.

Lots of love Miss Wild xxx

How do I do that again?

24 Apr

Please click on the pictures below to check out year 6’s Numeracy tutorials.  These were created on the ipad 2 using the fabulous app ‘show me’.  Hope you pick up some top tips.  If you would like anything covered for SAT’s revision leave a comment below and the amazing mathematicians will help you out. 🙂